Implementation of land policies by using cadatral database softwares for modernization of land administration in Vietnam

  • Doan Van Khoa
Keywords: Cadastral database, Policies for software technologies


Technological policies for application of science-technological (S&T) achievements in the sector of cadastral database software for land administration play important roles. It concerns firstly the direct application for S&T management and then provides numerous advantages such as simplified administrative procedures, public transparency of land use rights, land-bound asset possession rights, transparent and clear information for real estate market and legal safety for stakeholders.
Actually, many cadastral database software are used in Vietnam. This practice mobilized capacities of many stakeholders in common efforts for management and operation of cadastral database softwares. It also permits to maximize the use of advantages that the IP rights could provide through the free use of open sources applied for cadastral database softwares in lines with actual practice in Vietnam.
This paper presents the actual status of the policies for use of cadastral database technologies. Certain shortcomings exist because of incompatibility of actually used softwares which might lead to conflicts between cadastral databases applied in different provinces over the whole country. The practice of use demonstrates that it is impossible to cancel any cadastral database which was developed in basis of any existing software source because the cancellation would cause wastes, instabilities and troubles to land administration works.
The paper poses a question for studies: Which policies should be applied for the software technology sector to establish a system of indicators for integration of the existing land databases over the whole country? The work should enhance capacities of access to land information services for all stakeholders on basis of development of a complete system for land administration, and then the system should be based on concepts of a public, exact, complete and in-time provision of land registration service and land information.
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