Some issues about linking science to policy


  • Hoang Lan Chi
  • Hoang Xuan Long


Science, Policy, Integration


Alongside notable successes, applying science to policy still faces many limitations. This article focuses on analyzing these constraints through the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the relationship between science and policy from fundamental perspectives: the similarities and differences between each party governing the scope that can connect science to policy, the mechanisms linking science and policy, the impact of science must go through internal policy factors and policymakers. From these difficulties and obstacles, suitable attitudes can be identified to promote the relationship between science and policy, such as accepting limitations and excluding some expected scopes beyond the capacity to link science to policy, accepting relationships that reveal limitations but are suitable for the specific characteristics of science with policy, and proactively expanding the relationship between science and policy by seizing opportunities arising from new contexts. The analyses in the article suggest new approaches in current research on the connection between science and policy.

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