The necessity of ranking research organizations in Vietnam


  • Pham Xuan Thao
  • Tran Hau Ngoc
  • Nguyen Ngoc Chien
  • Do Thi Thuy Duong
  • Do Son Tung


Ratings, Research Organizations, Policy Planning, Science and Technology development


Through the study on the world ranking of research organizations1, the authors looked at the effect of rating the performance of the institutions concerned. There are two types of rankings, i.e ranking of research institutions in the world (called international ranking) and ranking of research institutions in the country (known as national ranking). This article analyzes the views on the international ranking published by Scimago and Thomson Reuters, and the national ranking of Germany (published by the Federal Science Council of Germany) and Japan (published by Thomson Reuters) to clearly understand the significance of ranking of research institutions. The authors also analyzed the views on the necessity of ranking of research institutions in Vietnam for science and technology (S&T) development policy makers and the research organizations themselves as well as for local public, in general. From the analysis, the authors considered that in the present context of S&T of Vietnam, ranking the research organizations was a necessary task to perform in parallel with the periodic review of their performance.
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