Methodology of assessing the performing results of science and technology development policy


  • Nguyen Viet Hoa


Evaluation, Results, Science and Technology Strategy


Evaluation of science and technology (S&T) development strategy implementation (hereinafter referred to as strategy evaluation) is a requirement and necessity for the agency in charge of strategic S&T development planning and state S&T management. This paper provides various applicable proposals to address issues of public sector. The evaluation was based on the results of strategy implementation with a view to periodical review of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the strategy in a systematic manner taking into account the strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings and other observations of the strategy implementation for further appropriate change, adjustment or improvement. The paper presents the following contents: (i) the concept used in strategy evaluation; (ii) logical framework developed for strategy evaluation; (iii) Procedures, criteria and methods for strategy evaluation.
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